Cultivate™ Difference

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Growth, education, development, training, coaching…these are all components of Cultivate™, as well as creating higher employee satisfaction. When employees feel appreciated and valued, they stay longer.


Cultivate™ teaches managers the high-payoff coaching activities that create growth. The cloud-based platform provides real-time data and feedback for accountability and constant improvement.

Performance assessments evaluate how team members and managers are developing in their roles. In an Annual Survey, the employees rate how they feel about their manager, their position, and the institution.

Higher accountability and a push for greater performance could, in some views, create a stressful and low-morale workplace. However, when done in the context of relationship – a manager who cares about each team member and helps them grow toward their potential – it actually improves the workplace culture.

By helping managers become leaders, Cultivate™ creates a more engaged and loyal workforce, improving performance and reducing turnover


For this client, the benefits of investing in their employees included:

  • Reduced employee turnover.
  • Improved growth in net accounts.
  • 33% increased same-store sales.
  • 21% boost in cross-sell performance.
  • 26bps difference in cost of funds.

Improvement Overview

Results from a 25-branch community bank in Georgia. Employees were surveyed before launch and then again after one year of the program.

My Manager Consistently Holds People Accountable

Strongly Agree My Manager Motivates Me To Greater Performance

My Manager Creates a Positive Work Place