Building Winning Cultures

Cultivate combines coaching and training to develop your team leaders while utilizing a digital platform to track and ensure accountability. This powerful process accelerates growth in your organization by empowering people and building an unbeatable culture.


of managers don’t have the skills to maximize team performance

How Cultivate Benefits
Your Organization

  • Empower your managers by providing them tools to immediately be more successful
  • Demonstrate progress for employee growth with real-time data
  • Improve organizational cohesion with common messaging and goals delivered with predictable frequency
  • Drive employee satisfaction and engagement as managers learn effective methods to ensure employees feel valued

Stop Losing Talent
Start Training Leaders

It’s impossible to generate enthusiasm and positive customer experiences if you are losing talented people. Yet, many organizations experience employee turnover rates as high as 35%. Cultivate helps your managers grow from just “managing” to truly leading and coaching with an emphasis on five high-impact activities:

Weekly Team Meetings

Focused on team-building and celebrating success.


Developing and deepening relationships with team members.


Creating a sense of growth and achievement.

Observation Coaching

Giving real-time feedback on the critical aspects of performance


Demonstrating true care for the long-term success and growth of team members

The positive impacts: Increased job and personal satisfaction, higher team loyalty, and reduced employee turnover

Cultivate Gets Results



Activities Tracked

“As a senior manager, Cultivate allows me to know what is happening
in all 25 branches.”

Tamra Cannon, Anderson Brothers Bank

“Employees become engaged and feel recognized and cared for.”

Lori Loffler, Community Bank, N.A.

“It builds leadership skills in every employee and helps them unite as a team.”

Ashley Bean, Anderson Brothers Bank

Change Your Culture Today

Watch leaders emerge and team members thrive when you make coaching, training, and accountability part of your culture. You can do it with Cultivate.

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