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what we do

We align marketing, products, and people for sustained and significant organizational growth.
Partner with Haberfeld to increase your profits, lead your market and reach new heights.


Our team of experts help align your people, products, services, and policies to sustainably grow your organization’s market share and better serve your communities.


Drive the maximum number of new prospects through your doors. Our data-driven, omnichannel marketing approach uses a mix of tactics to yield the highest return on investment.


Inspire greatness in your leaders and employees. Together, we’ll instill team attitudes and activities proven to increase engagement and
maximize results.


With over three decades
of experience, we have accumulated millions of data points to inform every aspect of your strategy, ensuring your organization reaches its full growth potential.

who we are

We are a team of 75 (and counting) creatives, consultants, salespeople, data analysts and more who excel at helping businesses grow. In nearly 35 years of service, we’ve helped hundreds of clients acquire millions of new customers.

From product consulting to targeted omnichannel marketing to employee training, every aspect of our High Performance Growth™ strategy boils down to data. In other words, we do what’s proven to work best in helping clients lead their markets.

Let us help you earn new customers at 2x the rate, develop those relationships for years to come, and meet the future head on as a thriving and profitable organization.

our primary industries

our primary industries

Haberfeld’s Strategy helped open almost 9,000 new accounts, and grew deposits $28.6 million, in just one year.

Client results for a 52-location, $2.3-billion financial institution


“From an operational standpoint (partnering with Haberfeld) has given us a process that our staff can be confident in. And financially, it’s driven profitability, interchange income, NSF income, and given us a better opportunity to fund loans.”

Alexandra Ross, Director of Retail/Chief Retail Banking Officer, Home Bank



Wrote $68 million in new net loans, attracted almost 3,000 new customers and increased net deposits by $54 million – in just three years.

Client results for a 3-location, $450-million financial institution

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