Strategies to Win The War

with Sean Payant, 2016

At community banks and credit Unions, the competitive advantage is service, or the ability to truly know customers and build relationships. Sadly, convenience often beats service, in the perception of many prospective customers. Community institutions can’t win when they surrender to the lead of big banks by implementing fees, creating confusing products, and adding nuisance charges. Community institutions must maximize revenues by selling more products to more people. During this session, we will explore winning strategies to capitalize on your competitive advantages, expand market share, monetize your customer base and segment for maximum profitability.

Mortician's Guide to Retail Banking

with David Furnace, 2016

No, we don’t mean retail banking is dead – quite the opposite. However, there are many “deadly” (and in our opinion dead wrong) decisions being made with retail banking products and practices. Retail banking is still a great business if you don’t allow flawed analysis to lead you into making bad decisions. In this webinar, we discuss how to overcome the bad decisions and double overall new customer acquisition that can result, over time, in a 30% improvement in ROA and ROE.

Don't Get Left on The Sidelines

with Sean Payant, 2016

As an industry, we spend vast amounts of money, not to mention time and internal resources, marketing our banks. The aim: to get people to choose us. The role of the marketing professional then is to get consumers — the team captains — to choose our bank first. We are the kids standing in line saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” For this to be most effective, we have to align marketing and execution. Building true alignment between marketing and execution depends on four factors: product knowledge, customer service, accountability and incentives. Join us as we figure out how to keep your bank from being left on the sideline.

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