A New Kind of Leadership Program

Trellis™ is a virtual, immersive 12-month graduate-level leadership program. It is designed to support and direct the growth of current and emerging organizational leaders.

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grow yourself and your people

growing self

growing others

growing teams

growing organizations

investing in leaders pays off

Your people are your one truly sustainable competitive advantage. Investing in them delivers meaningful returns and clear benefits at the individual, team, and organizational levels. With the Trellis™ program, individuals grow as transformational leaders to reach their highest potential.

Is Trellis™ Right For Me?
  • Are you tasked with leading others, or will you be in the near future?
  • Do you aspire to a larger role and/or increased influence within your organization?
  • Do you have a growth mindset—the belief that you can always learn to lead more effectively?
  • Do you believe your teams can grow into something truly amazing?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Trellis™ is for you!

Is Trellis™ Right For Our Company?
  • Have you promoted people into leadership roles knowing they could still benefit from growth opportunities?
  • Do you want to make certain the right people are in the right leadership roles and operating at their full potential?
  • Do you know of leaders with the potential to rise even higher in your organization?
  • Are you passionate about creating a place where people want to work?

If any of these questions brings one or more people to mind, investing in them is your best path toward a more successful organization—and enrolling in Trellis™ is the first step.

the trellis™ approach

looks outward
Rather than focusing on personal accomplishments, participants will grow as transformational leaders of their organizations, teams, individuals, and selves.
In addition to learning the theory behind transformational leadership, participants will engage in real-life leadership development opportunities within the program, at their organization, and in their community.
Participants will meet regularly in large and small groups to develop relationships and share meaningful connection, discussion, and accountability.
When leaders learn to successfully grow other leaders, they affect a positive and measurable shift in culture, growth, and profitability for their organizations.
“I initially entered the Trellis program to see who and where it might complement our existing leadership development programs. The surprise and blessing is all mine! After twenty years in the organization, it has been a perfect time for me to stop, slow down, and purposefully rethink my leadership approach with intention that benefits my organization, team members, and customers. Well worth my time and we can’t wait to send more of our team to work with Ned and the Trellis experience!”

Shannalea Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer & President, The Bank & Trust

what we will cover

Trellis™ is an immersive 12-month program designed to support and direct the growth of organizational leaders.
This is what you can expect.

leaders on leadership

It is crucial to have leaders in your organizations who build trust, inspire those around them, and promote growth. Our CEO, Ben O’Neill, and our Director of Organization Development, Ned Pauley, discuss the questions of “Why Trellis™?” and
”Why Now?,” in our podcast, HabChat.

Leadership Starts Now!

Trellis™ groups of 20 participants start quarterly. Fill out the form to connect with a Trellis™ representative about availability and learn more about how it can impact you and your orgnization. Ready, set, LEAD!


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