a new kind of leadership program

Trellis™ is a virtual, immersive 12-month graduate-level leadership program. It is designed to support and direct the growth of current and emerging organizational leaders.

the cost of leadership challenges

An organization will succeed or fail on the strength of its leaders. When leaders can effectively equip and grow those around them, the organization succeeds. When they can’t or won’t, the organization fails.

Projects fizzle, growth stagnates or declines, and—perhaps worst of all—good employees leave for greener pastures (people often quit managers, not organizations).

The data supports this, and we see it in action ourselves. And yet, few leaders receive the training they need for their role while almost none receive ongoing training. The result? Organizations fail to reach their full potential because leaders have not grown into theirs.

the trellis™ approach

looks outward

Rather than focusing on personal accomplishments, participants will grow as transformational leaders of their organizations, teams, individuals, and selves.


In addition to learning the theory behind transformational leadership, participants will engage in real-life leadership development opportunities within the program, at their organization, and in their community.


Participants will meet regularly in large and small groups to develop relationships and share meaningful connection, discussion, and accountability.


When leaders learn to successfully grow other leaders, they affect a positive and measurable shift in culture, growth, and profitability for their organizations.

grow yourself and your people

growing self

growing others

growing teams

growing organizations

Don’t Delay

Our inaugural class of leaders will begin their journey in the first quarter of 2023. Class size will be limited to the initial 20 enrollees.


The Trellis™ 12-month program has a monthly tuition fee of $799. In celebration of the launch of our inaugural class in early 2023, we are pleased to offer a one-time, 25% off monthly discount ($599 per month). The only additional investment will be the transportation and hotel for the concluding, in-person capstone event.

Questions? Contact the Trellis™ team at trellis@haberfeld.com.

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