Our History

Experience is the difference between knowing where to go and already having been there.
When Ralph Haberfeld launched Haberfeld Associates, he trusted the message he shared with executives around the country:

  • Core relationships are vital to a financial institution’s success – you want more of them.
  • Policies and products designed for success and sold by well-trained employees with traffic driven by data and ROI focused marketing, all resulting in dramatic growth

If you do both, your financial institution will be more profitable.

Those ideas, at the time, were considered radical. Ralph couldn’t be certain the executives he’d convinced to meet him would even listen. Some didn’t. Those who did discovered that when they heeded Ralph’s recommendations, they got results. They acquired new retail and business customers, branches became busier, loan volume increased and profits grew.

In the following years, many more financial institutions embraced Haberfeld’s “radical” concepts, and our strategic marketing and training in best practices expanded. As Haberfeld’s client base grew, so too did the influence of the Haberfeld message.

Today, Haberfeld Associates has a rock-solid base to adapt to an ever-changing industry. Our growing roster of clients reaches every region of the country, thriving in tranquil rural communities to crowded urban markets. Some clients have a handful of branches, while others manage hundreds of locations.

Whatever their individual characteristics, our clients are defined most by common traits: They are successful financial institutions, with well-trained employees at every position in every branch, and an ever-growing, carefully-cultivated base of loyal, profitable customers.

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