How do you define community based?

By Rachael Houghton

We are a community based financial institution. That term is said often in many of our financial institutions – when we answer our phones or someone opens a new account with us. But, are we, at the frontline, really putting confidence and belief behind it? Or, is it just something we are scripted to say?

We know that simply being a community based financial institution may be the deciding factor when someone chooses to give us their business; but, what about it being a reason someone decides to work for us? Studies show that being actively involved in the community doesn’t just help your financial institution – it helps employee engagement, too. It helps employees feel more connected with their customers and members when they are actively making an impact on their community while doing their job at the same time.

There are several ways that you can get involved in the community beyond what you are currently doing such as: Sponsoring free financial workshops for local business owners, donating a meeting space to local organizations or businesses, participating in community events, and supporting local sporting or school events.

So, next time someone calls your financial institution and they hear the employee say the ever familiar local community based financial institution script….make sure your employees are able to say it with confidence and belief.

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