New Year, new look for your organization?

A new year is perfect for starting anew, which is why we choose this time to create resolutions. It’s also a good time to think about the health of our organizations and how we can make them better, too.

Service is everyone’s job

Customers simply want their needs to be addressed – they don’t want to hear “I can’t help you,” “I don’t know,” or “that’s not my job.” Taking care of our customers is everyone’s job.

Want better employees? Be a good boss.

People don’t need to be micro-managed. They need to be empowered, entrusted and allowed to make mistakes. If you can afford that, in the long run you’ll get far more from your employees.

Who is the face of your financial institution?

First impressions matter, of course, but they mean so much more in business. Do you know who is making that impression at your FI, and who customers — and prospects — are identifying with your brand?

Earning customer loyalty online

This is story about shopping for a tent, a trip, a helpful stranger and a dog. There may also be something about how to earn and keep loyal customers.

Want to make a sale? Ask for it

Gone are the days when people got into banking because they didn’t want to get into sales. The nature of banking today is such that you must consider yourself a salesperson.

Are you using incentives the right way?

Nothing is as controversial in banking as the incentive discussion. What should we call incentives? How should we construct the program? How should we measure them? Who is eligible to receive them? What qualifies as a “real” referral?