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Executive Management

Alan Friesen

Alan Friesen

Chairman of the Board

Alan has more than 24 years of public accounting experience specializing in financial services. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska.



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David Furnace

David Furnace

Chief Executive Officer

David is a former community bank COO, CFO and board member. He ran the largest division of a nationwide consulting firm serving community banks and credit unions before starting his own firm to assist clients in improving existing customer profitability, which he subsequently sold. He has a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University.


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Achim Griesel

Achim Griesel


Achim received his Accounting and Management degree in Germany. In his earlier Haberfeld days he was known as the “numbers guy” and now manages several areas including client and vendor relations. He also completed the Advanced School of Banking sponsored by the Nebraska and Kansas Bankers Associations.



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Sean Payant

Sean Payant

Chief Consulting Officer

Sean served as the Executive Director of the Schools of Banking, for nine years prior to joining Haberfeld. He has administered, instructed, and authored materials for 17 different banking schools attended by bankers from 18 states. He holds a Masters and Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the University of Nebraska.


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Robb Rempel

Robb Rempel

Executive Vice President - Client Services

Robb has spent his career in the financial services industry, including community banking, in both retail and operations areas. Having served at Haberfeld in a number of roles including SVP of Consulting Services, he now manages the client service and delivery team. Robb has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska and has completed the Advanced School of Banking through the Nebraska and Kansas Bankers Association.


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Executive Sales Team

David Carlson

David Carlson

Senior Vice President

David graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s School of Business with an emphasis in finance.  Prior to joining Haberfeld, he spent several years working at a community financial institution and retail investment firm. David has been at Haberfeld for over 9 years.


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Bryan Easley

Bryan Easley

Vice President

Bryan has more than 10 years of experience focused on retail banking and consumer lending. Prior to joining Haberfeld, Bryan worked with many financial institutions in growing their loan portfolio through new and innovative technology platforms. Bryan graduated from the University of Kansas.


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Scott Vandeventer

Scott Vandeventer

Senior Executive Consultant

Scott enjoys helping banks and other companies, through their leaders, realize their fullest potential. Over 20 years, he led a $40 million financial institution from a local to a national presence, finishing at $3.2 billion. He works with several CEOs and business owners helping navigate the twists and turns caused by success or circumstance. Scott speaks regularly on leadership and strategy.


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Client Analyst Team

Our team of client analyst professionals collects and studies data on prospective clients to determine if they are a well-suited partner for our acquisition and growth strategies. Since our start, we’ve held the firm belief we should only work with financial institutions that will be very successful with us.

Brett Walburn

Brett Walburn

Vice President

Brett earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and a Master of Arts in Business Management from Doane University. He spent more than 5 years with the Nebraska Bankers Association managing education and training programs. This background helps Brett understand the unique challenges faced by community banks and credit unions.


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Clint Goelz

Clint Goelz

Senior Client Relations Manager

Clint earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He majored in marketing and has over 10 years of customer service and client retention experience. Clint understands the importance of building relationships and is dedicated to providing the best service possible.


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Grant Ossenkop

Grant Ossenkop

Vice President

Grant joined the Haberfeld team in 2009, and has more than 20 years of professional experience helping organizations around the country identify and execute strategies to effectively improve performance and generate new revenue growth. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska.


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Kelly Schrader

Kelly Schrader

Senior Client Relations Manager

Kelly comes to Haberfeld with over 15 years of leadership and management experience in the financial services industry. She has a unique understanding of the community bank and credit union environment, and has actually been a Haberfeld client in both. She is passionate about helping community institutions be as successful as possible. Kelly studied Finance and Banking at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and is a graduate of the Nebraska Bankers Association’s Leadership program.


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Account Management Team

Your Professional Success Partners and Advisors

While good marketing is essential to getting prospects to act, there is more to our Customer Acquisition Strategy than sending out marketing pieces. Focus is an essential key to your success, and our experienced Account Executive team is here to help you stay on track. They will communicate with you on a monthly basis in several important parts of your strategy:


Your Account Executive ensures that the content and creative development of your marketing pieces meet your expectations and deadlines. They will also work with you to analyze your account data in order to create the best possible prospect mailing lists.



The Account Executives evaluate profitability numbers for fee revenue components, balance development, cross-sell success, and attrition. They also evaluate your results compared to our client averages, your projections and your peer group averages.


Periodically, your Account Executive may suggest changes when needed and make recommendations to help optimize your profitability. During the year, they will also prepare a detailed review of your customer acquisition performance to address improvement opportunities and best practices discovered during the analysis.

Consulting Team

Haberfeld’s Consulting team engages clients at the earliest stage of implementation to assure a seamless and successful launch of our Customer Acquisition and Growth Strategy. This group, composed primarily of experienced bankers, skillfully blends enthusiasm and energy with program content to teach and motivate personnel at every level of the organization.

Our consultants help our clients quickly embrace and understand the theory underlying our recommendations. In addition, they assist with reviewing the product set to maximize account openings, evaluate fees, policies and procedures, implement a marketing strategy, and train all bank personnel, across all branches, on the best practices in creating an exceptional customer experience.

Our mystery shopping evaluates a prospective new customer’s experience, from walking through the door to opening an account. It’s an extraordinarily valuable service our team provides, and one for which Haberfeld is well-known.

Haberfeld’s mystery shops provide detailed evaluations of customer service behaviors and the process of selling and opening new accounts, as well as cross-selling techniques and in-branch merchandising. These shops validate strengths and to identify growth opportunities. They are essential in measuring and improving performance.

Haberfeld’s consultants maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients to assure a continuous flow of information regarding performance metrics, industry updates, and best practices.

Business Intelligence and Data Teams

Client Data Mining and Output

Using data files supplied by our clients, we collaborate with the Data Team to identify trends and statistics to deepen our understanding of profit drivers and the variables that impact openings. We also help measure opening and profitability metrics by designing the internal tracking reports our clients need and creating quarterly client reports to detail overall results.

Industry Comparisons

The financial institution with the most core relationships wins! We have been able to quantify that by comparing our clients’ performance in key metrics like ROA, ROE, and NIM to the industry as a whole. We have also compared our clients’ performance in trends that are impacted by growing checking accounts — such as deposit and service charge growth per branch — to the industry averages.

Getting the message to the most responsive prospects

Haberfeld clients benefit from our 30 years of relentless focus on getting the most relationships at the lowest cost of acquisition.

The Haberfeld CGM model is the industry standard for maximizing the return on investment for financial institutions that desire to dramatically increase their overall customer base and deposits. This model is based on response to analytics to almost 1 billion direct mail pieces and profitability data from an average of one million new core relationships annually over the last decade. The ability to overlay these components to the national household database allows for intelligent and predictive targeting of where the best opportunity is to find the next new customer at the optimum cost of acquisition.

Haberfeld does not rely solely on data analysis to target prospects. We also provide our clients with maps of their target markets and adjust our recommendations based on our knowledge of their local market.

Tracking your results

What gets measured gets done! No account acquisition strategy can provide long-term success without accurately measuring and reporting results. Our management reports will give you quarterly information and benchmarks for:

Account Openings

Fee Revenue Statistics

Marketing Performance

Deposit Balances

Creative Team

Haberfeld’s talented staff of designers, writers, and editors deliver unmatched expertise in helping our partners develop and execute a results-driven, comprehensive marketing plan.

From concept to delivery, expert direct mail management is essential to our clients’ marketing success. As a turnkey partner, Haberfeld manages every aspect of this effort. In consultation with the client, we create the mail piece, using over three decades of experience and data to customize the design, copy, and offer into a message that delivers the desired results for our client.

In addition, Haberfeld’s experienced and skilled creative staff deploys a broad array of marketing tools to assure that our clients achieve the results they expect. These include:

In-branch merchandising to promote sales opportunities and enhance our clients’ brand

Haberfeld’s “Tell-A-Friend” customer referral program. This program, which consistently ranks as one of our clients’ most effective sources of new customers, rewards existing customers who recommend our clients’ financial institutions to friends and associates

Expert recommendations on all issues related to our clients’ website, as well as email and social media marketing.

We have Platinum and Gold Hermes awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, an Inhouse Design Award from Graphic Design USA magazine, a Gold MarCom Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, and three Awards of Distinction from the International Academy of the Visual Arts.

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