Direct Mail + Digital = Total Package

The Haberfeld Advantage

Haberfeld Digital Marketing is focused on producing growth for our clients. 

While there are hundreds of digital marketing strategies at our disposal, we selected a specific set of tactics that allow us the most targeted approach to help our clients reach their goals. So while we are capable of executing all of these strategies, our team hand picks the best mix for each client.

The Digital Marketing Strategy Mix Built For Your Financial Institution

Haberfeld Digital Marketing

We've been helping clients find the best prospects with direct mail for over 30 years. Now we've channeled our knowledge to add digital marketing strategies that drive even higher results.

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Geo to IP Targeting

Multiple people are targeted within a household using street and IP addresses


We draw a digital circle around your branches and send ads to mobile devices that enter the circle

Contextual Targeting

We send ads to people based on their web browsing history and searches


When someone visits your website or landing page, we can target and send them ads.

5 Digital Strategies Every Bank Marketer Should Be Using in 2018

Date: Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Time: 1:00-2:00pm CT

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Webinar Details:

Gone are the days when a few Facebook ads could be considered adequate digital marketing. Big banks are becoming more and more sophisticated in their digital targeting strategies. Are you keeping up?

For more than 30 years we've been helping clients reach the right audiences, through the right channels, at the right times. Increasingly, digital is helping us on all three fronts. We are offering a one-hour webinar event to share our expertise in what you can do with digital marketing - one of the most effective targeting strategies your Financial Institution can leverage. 

We’ll cover results and digital tactics we’re using to complement and enhance our strategies for core customer growth - in growing core customers, acquiring checking accounts and exclusive relationships, or even adding HELOCs. 


Leslie Clark | Director of Digital Accounts

Leslie has more than 15 years of digital marketing and product management experience ranging from technical start-ups to enterprise-level companies. Leslie has spoken at marketing conferences and events across the country on a variety of topics including paid search, creative optimization, tracking and analytics, and many other digital advertising tactics.

David Carlson | Senior Vice President

David graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s School of Business with an emphasis in finance.  Prior to joining Haberfeld, he spent several years working at a community financial institution and retail investment firm. David has been at Haberfeld for over 15 years, helping our clients execute our growth strategy in their branches.

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