Why is Haberfeld
the best strategic partner
for your credit union?


Increase New Business

We help credit unions just like yours dramatically increase new, profitable retail and business core members.


Enrich PFI Relationships

We make current members more profitable by helping you to enrich PFI relationships and cross sell to more members more often.

Haberfeld Associates has been helping credit unions achieve growth and profitability for over 30 years.

Our average client performs 24% better on ROA when compared to their peers

Over the last decade Haberfeld has brought our clients over 7.5 million new core member (retail and business) relationships

Our average client doubles their rate of acquisition of new retail and business core members

Let Us Show You How

Haberfeld Associates helps your organization create and execute sales opportunities, growing a focused sales culture along the way. Taking a strategic approach to member growth includes superior products, training, mystery shopping, data analysis and marketing.

To achieve great retail and business member growth, you need great products, marketing and execution. That’s how our Member Acquisition and Growth (MAG℠) Strategy provides structure, success and sustained results for clients in nearly every state. That’s our value proposition, and the basis for a successful partnership. We are ready to do the same for you.


I am convinced we have better products, better training, better customer experience inside the branch, and more effective marketing than anybody in any of our markets.” – President and CEO, $560 Million in Assets

Haberfeld has been the truest of partners with us since 2003. They suggest best practices but understand that a one cookie cutter approach does not work for all.” -CEO, $880 Million in Assets

First, the methodology is sound; the program works. Second, the comprehensive support is consistently delivered. Third, our communications are frequent and of value, plus Haberfeld’s consultants are always accessible to us. We have a mutually beneficial relationship. I hired Haberfeld twice, at two different companies.” – EVP, $2.4 Billion in Assets

(Regarding their significant growth in loan volume and account openings) “I don’t think we could have done this without Haberfeld. We just don’t have access to the data, information and market research they do.” – SVP, $510 Million in Assets

We are very pleased with the results and hope to make the next mystery shop PERFECT!” -President and CEO, $400 Million in Assets

(Community financial institutions) should hire Haberfeld for its expertise and a program that is proven to work.” -EVP, $1.5 Billion in Assets

The training was excellent. It was a missing link…Haberfeld always exceeds our expectations.” – EVP, $170 Million in Assets

The Haberfeld employees I have worked with are as engaged and interested in my results as the bank employees. The support from Haberfeld is exceptional at all levels and in all areas.” – EVP, $380 Million in Assets


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